Friday, August 27, 2010

Chocolate Billabongs!

Chocolate Billabongs! (Sugar Free )
These taste very similar to the chocolate billabongs you purchase from the shop and I'm sure they are a lot healthier for you and your children !
Recipe ! All you need is milk, bananas & cocoa powder . In a blender mix the above ingredients and pour into icy pole moulds and freeze !
Its hard to give quantities as bananas are all different sizes. Start with a few large bananas ,2 cups of milk I add a little water and a heaped teaspoon of cocoa (I use Woolworth's home brand) blend up well and taste .
Its makes a wonderful smoothie ,that's how it started I was making smoothies for my son and had some left over and thought I'll make icy poles and then thought this tastes like the chocolate billabongs and Jack and Kev thought they were great !
Today my son was receiving the literacy award and they were having a morning tea to celebrate his achievement. When I picked him up from school I asked him how was the morning tea, he told me he had a piece of chicken and two scones and a billabong he said mum your billabongs are so much nicer ! I was tickled pink after hearing that !


  1. Yum, thanks, will definitely try this!
    Madly Saving

  2. Is this unsweetened cocoa, or the drink-powder kind? (Just want to be sure our terminology is the same, across the pond. ;) )

  3. Hi rachel R, yes I use the plain 100% cocoa, they are sweet enough with the bananas . Thanks for dropping by :):):)

  4. Yummo! These look delicious. I think if I made these I'd quickly become my son's best friend hehe :)