Monday, July 12, 2010

Pencil Holder

Pencil Holder
A few weeks ago I took my son to smiggle's, where they sell bright fun and funky ( and expensive) stationary. He wanted to buy rubbers like his friend had at school . I saw while there
they had pencil holders made from plastic and in a few different colours for $9.95 each . Here is my version made from a empty tin , which I covered with a piece of fabric then I covered it with contact that I had in my draw from a few years ago . ( I wouldn't buy contact again) you don't really need to even do that . I made one about 12 years ago which we still use, that one was covered in just the fabric. When my son was in grade one I made him one for school which was covered in a Thomas the tank catalogue which he still uses now at home. He made one for his much older brothers for a present. He did a drawing and we glued it around the tin . Use your imagination , a great craft for children to make for family and friends .( could be great birthday gift with a packet of pencils/textas) A great  recycled activity .
hope you all give it a try one less tin in the recycle bin .

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