Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mesh Bags

Mesh Bags ! (say no to plastic bags)
I made myself some mesh bags, so when I buy my fruit & vegetables I don't get any plastic bags. I take them with me all the time, with all my green shopping bags. They are very easy to make, I have made 3 sizes ,small ones are for garlic, ginger or if I just want a small amount of some thing & meduim & large ones. I buy mesh fabric from textile traders when they have their specials buy 2 metres & get one free. So that's 3 metres for the price of 2 metres.I've made white, red and brought fabric to make green . I cut fabric to the size I want/need then I fold in half sew up either side with over locker, fold over the top to make a casing then I thread through very thin ribbon then tie ribbon in a knot . If any one wants more details eg photo step process let me know and I will take photo's next time I make some . They have a multitude of uses, great for storing bath toys hang up to drain . (stops mold ). washing delicate underwear in the machine in them . I wrote a list one time of all the uses might post it another time . Almost all the same uses as a plastic bag remember I said almost . Cannot put flour ! great for keeping mushrooms fresh longer in the fridge !

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  1. These are great and so easy to make. We, me and a daughter, bought some material from the op-shop for ours, a couple of years ago now.
    I don't use them much anymore though as now we grow most of our fruit and veg.