Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lavender Balls

Lavender Balls !
These are very easy to make and great to give for little gifts. Put them in your clothes draws makes every thing smell lovely, could also put them in your linen cupboard . Helps deter moths and silver fish.
How to make them. Cut circles out of lace fabric, traced around a saucer or bread & butter plate depending on size you would like. Then place some lavender from the garden (most people have it in their garden if not ask a friend ) about a handful ,then gather up and tie a ribbon around tightly.Then fluff out the top to look even, can add a small flower in the top ,they have wire stems insert a little bit of the wire into the whole with a tiny dab of glue. Flowers are available from most craft stores. If you want them to smell stronger put just one drop on lavender oil in the tiny hole before inserting flower . Note: You can use lace curtain remnants, or fine cotton fabrics. I have also heard of people using hankies.

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