Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting Rid Of Clutter Eliminates 40% Of Housework In The Average Home !

Now that's a good reason to declutter ! Don't you think !
I just read that in a book called "The One minute Organiser" A to Z Storage Solutions !
I'm always working on decluttering ! I have been for ages and still reading books on how to do!
Even purchased a DVD from the US last year from Peter Walsh ( the declutter Guru from Oprah))
In one of my earlier posts about decluttering, I went to a workshop at Howard's storage world.
I know you are all thinking she should be an expert by now ! I'll let you know when I become one !
So hopefully I will master it one day ! One day soon I hope ! I'm learning things all the time and
putting some into action ! I was talking to my friend Debbie this morning who couldn't find a bill she
had paid. I thought to myself that part of my life is very organised . And I told her what we do ,she
is a work in progress just like myself and probably a million others !

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