Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hi all,
still trying to work out how this blogging works .
My mission is to simplify my life , to live a simple,healthy, relaxing life.
To do the things I enjoy and to get excited and passionate about the simple things in life.
Today sitting in my dinning room with the sunshine streaming in my nice freshly cleaned window watching the little blue & brown wrens outside flying about. And other days lying outside in the sunshine getting my vitamin D watching the native birds splashing in the bird
bath. Other days watching the kangaroos on our lawn and baby joey's jumping in and out of mums pouch. priceless
I love reading,sewing,cooking, looking after my family.
I love being in the kitchen making everything from scratch .
I love making gifts for my friends and family .
and trying to do my bit in helping look after the planet ,by recycling,reducing,reusing,rethinking .
saying no to plastic bags as much as possible , and buying only what I need ,still working on that one I keep on thinking I need things which I don't really .

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