Saturday, August 2, 2014

Making Pj's Last Longer..Lengthening The Legs !

Lengthening Jack's pajama  bottoms !
At the beginning of winter Jack said his pj's were to short, so rather then go buy news ones when there is still plenty of life still left in these ones. I decided to just lengthen them with some blue cotton fabric I had in my sewing room, that was left over from another project many years ago...very quick and easy to do, it took me less then half and hour..So he should get a few more winters wear out of them...before they end up in the rag bag..

 Step 1
I unpicked the current hem, then I cut two pieces of the blue fabric to fit the width of the legs and a little extra for the seam down the side and joined it together as you can see in above photo.It's double thickness but you could join it the other way and have just single thickness and just hem the bottom of the blue fabric ..either way just as good..
Step 2
Once that was done I folded the fabric back onto itself and folded the top edge over and sewing it around the cover the seam ..all done it made the pj's bottoms almost another 4 inches longer..If you have boys you will know they grow upwards before they fill out that much so pants are always getting to short and yet still fit them in the waist..I have another pair to do as well hope he wont need any more pj's for a few season yet...saves money and stuff going to landfill.So often we just race out and get new ones with out really thinking ..well not this time ..and they are only pj's so he only wears them to how flash do they need to be as long as they keep him warm, which they do we are both happy ...
Note: You could also add some extra fabric to the end of the sleeves if they are to short by using the same process..but I checked Jack's and they were fine..maybe something to consider next year and they still fit every where else and haven't worn out...

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