Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Paleo Protein Squares...Or Healthy Raw Nut & Seed Slice ! What ever you call it, its delicious !

I've been making this recipe for the last few months and its so quick , easy ,raw and super healthy..And great for my Paleo eating plan...
I call them my protein squares, but as I say no mater what you call them they are so delicious..Every time I make them they are slightly different as you can really use what ever ingredients you have on hand . You can also leave them chunkier in texture or more like fudge its really up to you it all depends how long you process them for...again either way they are just as delicious...I've done both ways..In my food processor I throw in the following ingredients...
sunflower seeds.
Pumpkin seeds.
sesame seeds.
coconut dried.
sultanas and or dates.
macadamia nuts.
vanilla bean.
pinch celtic salt.
 raw cacao powder.
raw cacao nibs.
Honey or coconut nectar.
Extra virgin coconut oil.
 I never measure I just throw in what I have..add dry ingredients first then add all the wet ingredients and process until well combined and  moist and a little sticky..then I put it in a lined 9 inch square cake tin and press it all to the edges and nice and flat then I put it into the freezer for about an hour to firm up them I cut it into 64 sqaures don't need to add all the above ingredients.try different combinations of what ever you like..
     I've made some with and some with out the raw cacao powder..
but you will need enough wet ingredients like the coconut oil & tahini to bind it together...
I store it in a large zip lock bag in the freezer ...
when I made another batch yesterday I weighed it and it was 1 kilo and 147 grams ...
Note : I want to buy some hemp seeds and gojo berries to add to the mix...
options ..use cinnamon if you have no vanilla could also add other dried fruits eg apricots and apples..some of you will want exact measurements.. But once you make it once you can just taste it as you go...Its such a great snack to have between meals ...I find it very satisfying...Its way better then chocolate...After eating this I have no desire for chocolate...Its also very high in magnesium ..Just another reason so many people crave chocolate, because they are low in magnesium as cacao beans are high in magnesium..

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