Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sardine Canapes (Paleo recipe)

Sardine Canapes !
I've been eating the paleo diet for 3 weeks now ..The cave man diet..the food that our ancestors would have eaten...well as close to that as possible ...meat, fish,eggs,fruit, vegetables,nut and seeds...water...Any way I'll talk more about it when I have time and the energy ..This is one of my paleo recipes I's quick,easy and rather tasty...Great to serve family and friends over the summer season or just great for a quick snack or lunch...One tin of sardines, finely diced onion and a good squeeze of lemon juice mash well together in a bowl and put onto slices of cucumber ..Also great for any one following a low carb diet too. This could also be good if you need to take a plate to a function over the summer ...Sorry the photo is a little blurry has been playing up ...maybe time for a new one...things don't last long these days do they....

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