Saturday, December 14, 2013

Orange Blossom water !

Orange Blossom water- Makes lovely air freshener !
Some time back I bought a bottle of orange blossom water, thinking we could use it to add to drinks and food for a special extra taste sensation, as I have been buying the same brand rose water which we love adding to drinks ...If you have read my blog you will know I love using rose water for perfume and deodorant as well ...Any way it's tastes awful, so its been sitting in the fridge waiting for me to find a use for it ! well that day came today ! I filled up a little spray bottle and sprayed it in the toilet and bathroom and it smells so lovely  ..So glad it wont be wasted, as from memory think it was about $6 a it will make a great air freshener for the house ..and I might use it as perfume too...and deodorant... Pretty sure I'll find heaps of uses for it , to freshen up any area of the house...


  1. Where did you buy your orange blossom water?

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. Hi Loraine, I bought it online from a company in W.A.
      Where I buy my citric acid in bulk too.
      Also check any Asian food stores in your area...