Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Birthday Cards + Make Envelopes To Match The Gift Wrap !

Birthday Cards !
I love making my own birthday cards to send to family and friends...makes them so much for personable, they are gifts from my heart... They also don't cost much to make either, but it's more about the love and thought, then how much things cost...Well that's how I feel any way..I'd rather receive something that cost a few dollars that I really needed or that really touched my heart then something expensive that I have no need for ..Any way I made this birthday card for a very special friends birthday that will be this Friday ..I also copied for her a favourite CD I have been listening too..Any way while wrapping the CD I had an idea. I 'd make a matching envelope from the gift wrapping paper. To me that makes receiving the mail even more special and it looks so much prettier then a plain white one, that would have been much easier, but I love making things a little more special..it's all about those special extra touches ..well again that's how I feel ...I hope others see it the same way..So I will post it off first thing tomorrow so it arrives on her special day ...

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