Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pink Icing-Made With Out Any Nasty Colours !

Today I was making vanilla slices and wanted pink icing ..this is a great way to make it using no nasty toxic colouring ...
It realy couldn't be easier...All I needed was a beetroot ,perfect for pink colouring ..I just cut a slice of fresh beeetroot , peeled the skin off chopped it up small added a little water then used the coloured water mixed with icing sugar , how simple is that ..I also make my own icing sugar..just buy putting sugar into my blender and blending until you have icing sugar maybe 30 seconds if that ..if you want castor sugar a few seconds only ...
You can also make lots of other food colours in a similar way by experimenting with lots of different fruits and vegetables..some you may need to grate to get the colours out better..but if any one has ever handled beetroot you will know that every things gets pink very quickly ..I have also used beetroot juice to dye fabric ...If you only have tinned beetroot just use a few drops to achieve the colour you want from pale pink to darker pink..If you make pink icing regularly you can freeze a few ice cubes with the juice or coloured water and when need just grate of as much as you need each time...or only fill the ice cube trays part way full  then you can use one each time you need to make pink icing store them in a zip lock bag or another container to free up your ice cube tray for others stock cubes, ice cubes, lemon juice cubes..the list goes on ..

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