Thursday, August 22, 2013

Using soap nut liquid in my new foamy bottles !

Our new foamy soap bottles !
I bought these bottles a few weeks ago and they are fabulous ...I bought them to use for my soap nut liquid for washing our hands...We all love them ..
I bought them from the same place I bought my soap nuts .. They are so easy to fill and use, just put a few soap nuts into a jar or bottle and cover with hot water give it a good shake then let sit to get all the sapons out of the berry shells...strain and fill up bottles put lid on and off you go ...Kids will love it , makes washing hands so much fun..and no toxic chemicals..yay....Even the adults will love it ...I have one in each bathroom in our house...The foam would also be great to use as a shaving cream ..they cost me $8 for two of them ....
This is where I bought them from. I've also bought the bamboo toothbrushes and a bamboo brush ...I will do another blog post about them soon...


  1. What I most like about soap nut foam is that it is kind to the skin and doesn't make it feel dry. Lasts a long time too!

    1. I totally agree with you ..a little goes a long way and no drying skin ...good for our bank balance and environment ....gosh you cannot get any better then that...and fun to use...

  2. I can't find the bottles. Could you post a link to them. I looked but didn't see it on the site.

    I hope this link helps ..and yes its hard to find took me a while to find it on a couple occasions...if this link doesn't work although I did check it first ...go to soap nuts on the list of left hand side and then you should see it under all the soap nuts quantities...hope that helps ...we should email them and tell them its hard to find...