Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can Any One Help !

Today I needed to delete a few comments that were left on my blog posts ...
I accidentally deleted many of them ...
Does any one have an idea if I can retrieve them back again
or are they gone for good ...Any help will be greatly appreciated...


  1. Hi Sherrie, unless anyone else has a secret fix it for things like this, the only way I can think of is to do a system restore. You restore you computer to a previous time, ie. to a time before you deleted the comments. Keep in mind that it will restore exactly as it was so if you have updated since that time you will lose it. If you haven't done this before it would be best to get someone who has to go through it with you. You do this by going into your control panel and (in mine) then 'Recovery'.

    Good Luck!


  2. Hi Julie, I will talk to my darling partner when he gets home to see if it's possible ...thank you very much for posting and trying to help me ...muchly appreciated..I'll need to be more careful in future...I've never done that before...but I've had a few comments I'd rather get rid of them ...

  3. System restore is good for restoring your computer but not the Internet and blogger is on the Internet. So no that wouldn't work. I think if it's deleted it's gone forever from blogger.


  5. i did a similar thing a little while ago and sadly i was not able to recover the comments that i accidentally deleted :(

  6. Methinks once they are gone they are gone darl.