Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dont Throw Away The Base Of Your Celery ! Why not grow more celery !

Grow More Celery For No Cost !
When you chop the base of your celery off, put it into a tray with a little water and wait for it to start sprouting knew leaves then plant it into your vegetable garden. You can harvest a few leaves or stems as you want them. How Cool is this it's like free food. I also do this with beetroot tops and the base of a lettuce which you can see in here also. What else do people grow from things they have bought from the shops.


  1. Well that's damn amazing! I'm heading to the kitchen now! I would have never thought of that. Thanks for sharing! I throw more wilted celery away and it aggravates me! Now I'll just keep growing it.

  2. Yes, I had that on my blog in May of 2011--works great. Try it with green onions and carrots. Use the carrot tops in salads or soups.

  3. Thank you ! I am going to try this !!!

  4. I have been planting the roots from the English spinach bunches and they are doing well.

    To keep bought spinach bunches fresh, I cut the bottom of the cellophane bag and put the spinach bunches in a container with a little water at the bottom, just enough to keep the roots submerged.
    Cheers Yvonne

  5. I do this with Spring Onions in a little water just covering the roots. I must try other vegetables now. Many thanks for sharing this. Take care now. Marion x