Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sweet Little Pink Girls Apron !

Yesterday I made this sweet little pink apron for a friends gran-daughter's 5th birthday I think it's really sweet. Having 3 sons I never really got a chance to make any pretty frilly girly stuff  which I just adore, anything pink with ruffles will usually have me oooing and arring . I'm going to make some more to sell. I also printed her name on the front, now what little girl wouldn't just love that. I might do a tutorial when I make the next one...


  1. How nice are you! And you are one very clever lady. That's one of the prettiest aprons I have seen in a long while.


  2. Mum sent me a link to this last week, and i thought it was really pretty.. But it wasn't until i was talking to her today that i realized it was for Jas. Thank you, that's very nice of you. She'll love it. :-)

    1. Hi Tiffany, it was posted Friday morning so hope it arrives early in the week.

  3. Thank you Barb, I agree it looks sweet. Hope your gran daughter loves it. Maybe you could do a blog and photo with her wearing the apron just a thought.