Friday, August 31, 2012

August Junk Challenge ! Reuse car tyres to make chairs !

Another recycled project using old car tyres to make chairs, the wind definitely wouldn't be blowing these chairs around the yard..


  1. Hello from Athens, Greece !
    Happy to have found you Sherrie! I like all the upcycling, reusing and rethinking projects in your blog.
    My blog is mainly about napkin decoupage, but I also try to live by the 4 R's just like you. My last post is about rethinking a broken lamp.
    I would be delighted if you would also pay a visit to my blog and become a follower.
    All the best !

  2. Hello. I love your idea! I have a tyre shop and I want to byu 2 black chairs from you. I am from Europe, do you think it is possible?