Monday, June 4, 2012

Choko's From The Lovely Barb

Choko's from the lovely Barb! 
A few weeks ago I called in to visit the lovely Barb from Barb's backyard. Her garden is very impressive she grows just about every thing imaginable and I finally got to meet her, she is a such gorgeous person please drop bye and visit her blog. Barb gave me some choko's from her garden and a few mornings later I peeled a few and I lightly fried some up in a little extra virgin olive oil then I served them in a bowl with my celtic salt and a grinding of fresh pepper it was yummy.. I haven't used choko's very much over the years only on a few occasions once I made an apple and pear crumble and added some choko's which was really nice. So as you can see from my second photo I planted two of them so I will have my own crop of choko's hopefully next Autumn. They were growing like weeds at Barb's place so I hope mine do as well, I have planted them in an old rainwater tank that is fully enclosed with chicken wire around star pickets.I'd love to hear any one else who cooks with choko's what do they make with them. They pretty well take on any flavour they are similar in taste to zucchinis....

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