Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make Mini Green Houses To Germinate Your Seeds!

Mini Green Houses!
Last week on Thursday 1st March I received my elephant garlic seeds from Narelle at "Just like my nan made". On her blog she says they can take about 4-5 weeks to germinate, what to put them in. Then I had a brain storm, don't you just love it when you have one of them, I do :) Well I quite often buy the snow pea sprouts in those plastic containers I know what you are thinking, well that's what I'm always thinking "more plastic". Well I have been saving them, knowing they would come in handy one day for some thing. Wow today was the big day, use them to make mini green houses, I put a little bit of soil in the bottom put my garlic seeds in sprinkled with a little more soil, watered them and placed another one on top and I used 2 elastic bands to secure them together.It works a treat...When they grown at least half way to the top I will transplant then in either a pot or garden bed.

This is a view of the top as you can see they don't need watering every day that's the idea of green houses.I will report back and let you know how they are going if they take 4-5 weeks, then that will be at least another month...I'm very excited at the prospect of growing amazing elephant garlic like Narelle, lets hope the wildlife doesn't like garlic, I don't think they do as I have grown a little bit of garlic before but only tiny ones that my grand father gave me some years ago. It still comes up most years and the animals haven't eaten it....So wish me luck :)


  1. Good luck with your garlic, I am waiting a few more weeks before I put mine in. Then the both of us will be enjoying the lovely flavour of home grown garlic. mmmm I love it.

    Take care HS

  2. Hi Sherrie, I love the fact that you think I am clever enough to grow this huge garlic myself, but I did mention that I found it all growing wild. I've passed the garlic seed around though to see how we it is great to see some more seed being trialled. Mine isn't up yet...but a few weeks to go still. I also use these plastic containers, though mine are usually from strawberries. I have used these containers to germinate a few apple seeds in preparation for learning to graft multiple varieties on one stock root.

  3. I forgot to lovely it is to see you writing a few posts...Hope your feeling better.