Monday, December 19, 2011

Popcorn & Popcorn Maker ! Another Plastic Bottle Recycled !

What to store the popping corn in ?
One of the gifts we bought our eldest two boys who are grown and live together, was a pop corn maker. Anthony our middle son mentioned a few months ago he would like a popcorn maker. I also purchased 2 kilos of popping corn to give them with it, I purchased it in bulk as its so much cheaper $5 for 2 kilos. What to store the popping corn in to give as a gift, the plastic bag it came in would look a little tacky and be hard to pour out. I was looking in my glass jar collection for a big jar but didn't have one big enough then I thought I have some empty 2 litre plastic bottles, from buying home brand soda water occasionally. I thought that will be perfect and its easy to pour out the amount needed. Another great recycled container, I do prefer to use glass but its not always possible. Would be great for storing lots of other dried pulses and so easy to pour out the amount needed at any given time....So what do you think ! Please post and let me know what other things you could store in them....


  1. Great idea! I sometimes store sugar in a plastic bottle as well. I get so sick of cleaning sugar off benches, floors and everywhere in between when the kids decide to fill the sugar bowl using my little scoop lol. I decided to just use a bottle, that way they can easily pour the sugar into the sugar bowl, problem solved!

  2. I have rice in some, cat biscuits in a couple more...The second lentil one is getting empty and needs refilling...
    I like them because they don't break when I drop them.