Monday, December 26, 2011

I Made Christmas Boxer Shorts !

I Made My Son Jack A Pair Of Christmas Boxers!
I finished them off today, only took about 15 minutes to join them together and put the elastic in the waist.They would probably still be waiting to be finished if not for needing to sew a ripped sheet before I washed it, because my sewing machine was threaded with red cotton, from some other Christmas sewing and I didn't want to change the cotton to white then back again to red to finish them. So sheet is mended and washed and on the line and boxers are on Jack's bed.Two tasks done ! The boxers are made from 100% cotton Christmas print fabric I've had there for years in my stash of fabrics. My mission has been not to buy any more fabric until I've used a lot of what I already have. I love buying fabrics when they are on special or something catches my eye. I would have enough to make at least 100 quilts... I've got fabrics from over 24 years ago, every now and then I say to Kev I should have a clean out and get rid of some, he says keep it all, you'll find a use for it one day. You just never know, I made Jack's Ash from Pokemon outfit from my stash. Any one else out there that hordes fabric like I do...What are your plans for it all....


  1. I also love fabric. Buy fabric when it's on special. Buy it from the op shops. Sometimes when I'm in an op shop and see a skirt or dress with a beautiful fabric, I'll buy that to add to my stash. I had planned to do a lot of sewing this past year... life got in the way.

  2. lovely boxers I need to get the sewing machine out.

  3. Great boxers. Well done!

    I am just starting to learn to sew. I do have a sewing machine but only a few fabrics.