Monday, December 5, 2011

Earthing -The most important health discovery ever !

Earthing-The most important health discovery ever ! Authors Clinton Ober, Stephen T.Sinatra & Martin Zuker.
I read the Earthing book in November last year , wow I cannot believe that was over 12 months ago. I borrowed the book from our local library. I would recommend any one with any health concerns to read the book. Here is the link to their website barefoot healing then you can either purchase the book or read all about earthing on their website. I just received my grounding thongs today which I decided to buy as a birthday gift  for myself .I will do a blog about them soon.When my son isn't feeling very well, I sit or lay outside on the lawn with him and usually in 30-40 minutes he is feeling much better. I have also purchased an earthing sheet , so I can earth while I'm asleep. Jack came home from school a few weeks ago not feeling very well , I suggested he lay on my earthing sheet on my bed, after about 30 minutes , he was up feeling much better and started playing his wii.When it's not convenient to have our feet on the earth, there are some great alternatives. I hope you enjoy reading about them all.Happy Earthing Every one !


  1. Just been cruising through your website - it is so very interesting and leads onto so many many other interesting things to do and see. I spent an hour just pottering and cruising.
    Must admit I had not hear of barefoot healing - although I have known about "being connected to the earth by walking barefoot/being in nature/ in the bush and generally in a green spot (like lots of green shrubs bushes trees and grass - my favourite is the ocean/beach, pottering through the shore breaks looking for shells and interesting looking driftwood, watching the seagulls and sea eagles (and watching out for sharks) usually puts me in a really zen place. Much better than any tranquillizers that's for sure.
    Looking forward to your comments/review about Barefoot Healing. Cheers Peggy

  2. Hi Peggy, thanks for visiting my blog...I hope you found something of interest...
    I have a lot of people who visit but they don't seem to post many comments. I'm enjoying my earthing thongs they are great....Did you get my blog details from the article in Earth Garden Magazine....You have a great Christmas and I hope 2012 is every thing you wish for. Hope you visit again soon :):):)

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