Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Phone Number !

Free directory service number !
If you cannot find the number you want in the phone book, or just haven't got the time, then ring 1223 its a free call to get the number you want , just don't let them connect you, because that will cost you, write it down.A lot of you may already know this number, but there may be a few of you that don't , so this blog is for you and perhaps a few of you who have forgotten. Telsta don't advertise this number as they wouldn't make any money , but they need to provide one. I've been going to do a blog about this last year some time, but just never got around to it for some reason. As they say better late then never....doesn't apply from mobile phones. Australian residents only , but I'm sure most countries would have a free number provided by their phone supplier....

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  1. Good information, I just don't want it to get in tne wrong hands. I just left an abusive relationship and information like this is what abusers are looking for to continually harrass their victims and it's horrible if one is in that situation.