Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pain Free - Remove Nightshades From Your Diet !

Pain Free - Remove Nightshades From Your Diet !
Are you sick of being in pain , it could be the nightshade family that are causing all your problems. Try removing potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants & chili peppers from your diet and see if all your body aches and pains disappear like magic. Some time back I went on an alkaline eating plan because I was told by a doctor my body was too acid , after only about a week I was aching all over I thought that was strange but kept eating that way for another week or so, but the aching was getting unbearable so I stopped eating the night shade foods and my body felt so much better. So if you have unexplainable aching joints etc I recommend reading this book Nightshade Free Pain Free by author Michael Fowler. I got my copy from our local library. Also tobacco is from the night-shade family so giving up smoking would also be advisable for so many more health reasons.


  1. I dont have the problem of aches and pains but this is great food for thought (so to speak) and is something I will keep in mind. Thanks