Monday, July 4, 2011

When Collecting Wood Wrap In Newspaper Saves Lots Of Mess !

When Collecting Wood Wrap In Newspaper ! 
The other day when I was getting wood for our slow combustion fire, I had a great idea, so I  thought it was worth sharing with you all, (boy its been cold).I was collecting wood to bring inside when I thought why not wrap them as I pick them up in newspaper, that will save me getting dirty hands from the wood, then you can put it straight into the fire saves a lot of mess, I can tell you. I made a wood carry bag a few years ago which is also great for filling with wood to bring inside. I did a post on it earlier on, in my blog, I may do a tutorial to make one, they are so handy, also saves so much mess going all over the floor. We have a wheel barrow that we fill with chopped wood that is on our front verandah in case its raining when we need to collect more, saves us getting wet.


  1. Another super clever idea Sherrie. I get so tired of sweeping up bark and mess when we bring our firewood in. Thanks!

  2. I'm not sure if you know that paper/ newspaper print (specially the coloured one) can release carcinogens when burned? ...It depends on what they used in the paper when making it and what kind of ink was used to print. Reading your blog I see that you are rather health conscious, so you I thought I let you know.