Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cocoa Makes A Great Warm Drink In Winter !

Want A Great Warm Drink On These Cold Winter Days & Nights !                              I haven't brought milo in quite a few years now, too expensive. I've been making us hot drinks of cocoa to warm us up, so much cheaper and so much nicer, well we all think so. To make a hot cuppa just put a teaspoon of cocoa powder(Woolworth's home brand tastes the best and is pure cocoa) and a teaspoon of sugar or two to your taste, add hot water and some milk, its delicious also gluten free and much better for you budget . Some times I make Jack a cocoa chino, I shake the milk in the carton and add the froth to the top he just loves it , so simple and makes him feel special. I buy the Woolworth's home brand pure cocoa its costs $3.47 for a 375gram  box, and if used just for drinks will last ages, but I also use it to make chocolate muffins & cakes etc. So if you are watching the budget & want a nicer drink, why not give cocoa a try and you be the judge. Also makes a great drink anytime you could also make it in place of buying choc milk, make it with a little bit of hot water then add the rest cold water and milk. We have our Thermos's and have been known to take our hot cocoa with us on outings in the winter. Warms us up a treat !


  1. Yum! I make myself a hot mug of cacao every night too, Sherrie. Have you tried adding a pinch of cayenne pepper to the mix. It's my favourite secret ingredient to a great hot chocolate. Apparantly, that's where the term hot chocolate originated from - the aztecs would add cayenne pepper to their cacao and drink it.

  2. I used to make hot chocolate (cocoa) with Hershey's chocolate syrup and milk. However when I stopped buying processed, junky foods the syrup was one of the things to go. It was mostly GMO corn syrup anyways....

    So, thanks for the post. I shall try it with your recipe as those are all ingredients I have and no junk! Plus, I am sure it is much cheaper as you say.

    I haven't had a cup in years! I am really looking forward to it!

  3. Hi, just wondering how you are going on the failsafe diet? We are 2 weeks in now ...