Thursday, June 2, 2011

Make A Bag For Your Torch !

Make a bag for your torch !
It was my eldest son Stephen's birthday on the 23rd of  May ,I cannot believe he turned 24, it feels like it has flown by so fast, "unbelievable". Any way for his birthday I brought him a wind-up torch that never needs batteries, it has a AM &FM radio, phone charger & a siren. We brought one last year for ourselves and think it is just fabulous, so decided to buy him one, he also thinks its great. I also made him a fabric drawstring bag to keep the torch and the attachments in, when not being used. I also made one for our torch, its great because I have it hanging on the door handle.


  1. Such a cute idea! Love it. Scarlett x

  2. Great idea and simple to do, will be adding this to my present idea list :)

  3. Sherrie, I would be keen to make a camera bag - was given one for my birthday just last weekend.
    Do you have a pattern for one, please?

    Saw your comment on Simple Savings that you were planning to make a camera bag.

  4. Oops that was meant to read that I was given a camera and I would like to make a camera bag - 'tis Monday after all. LOL.