Saturday, April 30, 2011

Potato & Corn Soup !

Potato & Corn Soup !
This is a really hearty,easy,delicious soup.Its also very economical,its one of Kev's favourite soups.
3 large brown onions.(chunky diced)
2 kilo potatoes.(chunky diced)
2 cobs of fresh Corn.(can use tin creamed corn)
1-2 Zucchini.(chunky diced)
Salt & pepper to taste.
1 cup red lentils.
water or stock.
Its quite a chunky soup but that's optional you can make it however you like , I fry diced onions in a little olive oil, then I fry the potatoes and zucchini,
then I chop all the kernels from 2 cobs of fresh corn and puree in a blender with water then add to other ingredients in the pot , then you top up with either water or stock, I use water because I use celtic salt for flavouring. Then I add red lentils, mix well then bring to a boil then simmer until cooked. Serve with fresh cracked pepper and salt, it's delicious. Some times I finely cut some red capsicum and green spring onions and stir through or some finely chopped fresh parsley. Makes 6 litres!


  1. Mmmm sounds delish and it is definately soup weather!

  2. I am making this one for lunch today I am looking forward to taste testing.

  3. Looks Sooooooo Good can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Had it tonight and I actually collected all the zucchini and about a third of the soup and blended it together so that it became a thicker soup, and it was delicious!! Even my four yr old (who's not a fan of soups) asked for seconds.