Monday, April 18, 2011

My 30 Minute A Day Challenge ! To Clean/Organise My Sewing/Craft Room!

My 30 Minute A Day Challenge !
To Clean/Organise My Sewing/Craft Room!
 Today I took three photo's of my sewing/craft room, I cannot believe I'm going to show the world how messy and disorganised it is. Some times I decide to clean it I open the door have a quick look in and think to myself maybe another day. Well after reading the lovely Sam's blog yesterday about being organised, I thought that will be my mission this week, I will set the timer on the stove for 30minutes every day and I will de-clutter/clean & organise this space of mine...Can I do ..Yes I can.I do tidy it from time to time, then I sew and craft and this is what happens. again, I don't put things away, then I miss place things and spend valuable time looking for them when they are virtually right under my nose. I said to Kev the other day I need to buy elastic as I've was making boxer shorts for myself for pj's and Jack, but I did think I had some. Well while I was cleaning today what did I find,you guessed it, a roll of elastic.This is what happens when you are disorganised, you end up spending more money on supplies you already have,because you cannot find them. Does this sound familiar to any one else. You will notice inside the door and in opposite corner a pile of shoe boxes, my plan is to cover them all and
use them for storage containers for all my sewing &craft supplies, and in the corner opposite the door I'm going to put a bookshelf there to maximise the storage area to free up floor space. I will also make a cover for my over locker I have an old Paper bag over the top, how shameful. Well it keeps the dust off. Well after the sewing room is clean, I may splash out and buy myself a new one, that one is a singer that I brought brand new from Myers over 20 years ago, Kev always says buy yourself a new one, I was never happy with it, I have had it back to the factory a few times before it was even a month old, so a new one would be lovely. You will also see my old Janome in there which I was using yesterday, I was going to get rid of it when I brought my new machine but when I got it home, I realised you wouldn't be able to hem jeans and mend knees etc because it has a flat base, I mainly brought it because it had a large throat area for quilting quilts. So my old machine only comes out of the cupboard when necessary, it when back in its home today. So if all goes to plan at the end of the week we will all see my lovely clean,de-cluttered,organised sewing/craft room ..I cannot wait to see it myself, maybe these before photo's may keep me motivated... Any one else have a sewing/craft room like mine if so please join me on my challenge.I still cannot believe that I'm showing the world ...oh well it may motivate some one else ..


  1. Hey Sherrie,
    I'm joining in on the challenge! The main bedroom looks like a bomb hit it, this is we everything seems to get stored and I cannot wait to get in there in sort it all out :) I've actually been doing bits here and there since saturday, so I might make this my area for the week and do a blog about it. Thanks for the motivation :)

  2. Oh how I wish I had a sewing room. I just have the dining table which means I have to pack up every time I use the machine or cut out fabric etc.
    What a pleasure it will be for you when you have your space sorted. Have fun.

  3. Right this minute my little craft area is a wreck as I've been working on a project. I do try to clean up in between so as not to get overloaded with threads, beads, etc.

    Your photos seem to have disappeared. :-)

    Enjoy working on your space. It does feel good having things more organized. Something I am continually working on.


  4. Hey Sherrie, don't worry, I have a room like that, it is supposed to be for my library, sewing, craft, family history, it seems to be a dumping ground for when DS16 wants to clean up his room....I may just take you up on this challenge as I want to reclaim that room as mine....all mine.....thanks for letting us have a peek at your sewing room, it makes me feel normal.

  5. You'll feel so good when this is done Sherrie...have fun if you can!