Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make Your Own Funnel !

Make Your Own Funnel ! 
I made my own funnel from recycling a 2 litre plastic drink bottle.Just by cutting the top end off the bottle with a craft knife, about half way, that way it can fit more in it and saves spilling any thing.Its really great to use for transferring things like herbs & spices,flours, rice & lentils from bags or packets to glass jars or other containers, because of the wide neck it rarely gets blocked up and if it does just push a knife in that will unblock and get the contents flowing again. It saves so much mess by not spilling stuff all over the kitchen bench. If you haven't already made one give it a try. You can use if for liquids as well of course. Just another recycled project and its free


  1. We made do and made one of these the other day. Great recycling idea!

  2. Hi Kimmie, yes I made one a long time ago and use it often for dry stuff, But today I was having a clean out in the bottom of my pantry as I keep any plastic bottles we get to make ginger beer. So i thought I would make another one and cut the bottle in half to make it bigger, then I can fit more into it, like all the different flours I buy. Cheers ")

  3. This is one of those 'so simple, why didn't I think of it' ideas are one smart cookie..have I mentioned that before? Mims x

  4. You've been looking in my cupboards again! lol.

    i have 2 inside, a 2ltr one and a smaller one. I have one tied to each petrol container so I don't have to go looking for the $16 funnel that Hubby bought when I need to fill the lawnmower or whippersnipper. I have one in the container that I mix the LM fuel in.
    Two in the van. One in the chicken crumble bin to fill smaller bottes with...I love 'em.

    I bet everyone could find a few uses for them.


  5. I made one of these the other day to pour oil into the car.
    Such a great thing and so easy to make.

    Thanks for the visit to my blog too, I check in with yours regularly even if I don't always comment.

  6. Hi Sherrie...
    I'm like Barb & have a few in different sizes for different uses... Another one for you is the cordial style 2L bottles... (We buy Vinegar to use as fabric softener from Aldi in that style of bottle) I cut them down on an angle from above the handle to make scoops out of them for Chook/dog food, compost measuring & removing Worm castings from the their abode...
    HTH with another recycling project for you...
    : )»