Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tote Bags For Sale !

Tote Bags for sale !
Here are just some of the tote bags for sale ! Please pop on over to
All the bags are made from 100% cotton fabric, made using solar power & they are all individually & lovingly made by me ! I'm very happy to discuss special orders and certain colours. They cost $8.50 each +$1.50 postage & handling. I will send anywhere in Australia, I will also include a lovely handmade gift card with every order. So for $10 in total, I think that's great value. I would love feed back as to what other people think .



  1. Love the ones with the roses Sherrie...You are clever!

  2. you're very welcome Sherrie :) no problems about following the rules, I didn't follow them either, I received two, but still only sent off to 15 and only wrote the 7 things. :) Love your bangs, they're very cute :)

  3. The white one with roses is beautiful.