Thursday, January 6, 2011

Make Your Own Birthday Cards !

Save money and make your own cards & they are more personal !

So easy to make, I made these cards using some card in different colours, these roses I cut out from a holiday travel brochure (free from travel agent) the pink roses I coloured with pink texta .The gold paper was the lining in some envelopes I had, the coloured  paper was from two books of scrap booking paper I brought from the $2 shop which will last me years.I printed out happy birthday on our printer and just layered the papers as you can see in photo above. I used the double sided glue tape which also was $2 has 25 metres which will also last me years. You could make the cards for any occasion ,mothers day ,anniversary, engagement etc... You can quite often make them using papers from packaging eg gold paper from blocks of chocolate and use card board from packaging .It's amazing what you can find to use. So stop buying cards and make your own and better for the environment by recycling.
Happy card making every one !


  1. This is something that I want to do but because we don't really *do* cards I haven't. But I would like to start sending a card with a bit written by me in it just to let people know that I am thinking of them. I used to do regular letters but that stopped when I was sad that nobody replied. lol.

    Yours are pretty.

    How do you cut the card? Do you have a guillitine (sp?) thing or use a craft knife and ruler which is what I would probably have to do.


  2. Thanx Deb :)

    Hi Barb .I was just thinking if you are interested in getting together for a craft day maybe once a month and you can come for lunch as well . starting February when Jack is back at school..what ever day would suit you...just a thought..let me know what you think ...we could pick a different craft to do each month..soap making , paper making,card making etc ..
    Sherrie :)

  3. Hi barb again ..I usually get the cardstock in A4 size fold in half and either use my craft cutter and ruler or I also have used scissors.

  4. Great job with the cards, they look great Sherrie.