Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Mini Giant Ice-Cream Sandwiches !

Mini Ice-cream Sandwiches !
These mini giant ice cream sandwiches are so easy to make and make a lovely quick and easy treat over the summer holidays... for all the kids that drop in over Christmas....I know I hear you all say " What about the adults" Of course for all the big kids as well . i have been making these for years off and on you know how it is you forget for a year or two and them remember again. Its was On Saturday we picked our son Jack up after a sleep over at his friends house and headed to the beach he said he was hungry and I said I would buy him an ice cream. he picked a giant sandwich, why do kids nearly always pick the most expensive icecreams . Anyway it cost me $3.20 and I thought that's expensive I know that's what they cost ..buy hey in my opinion way to expensive that's what you get for convenience..."I know"Then I thought out loud and said lets buy some chocolate chip cookies and make our own again ..So that's what we did ! We brought chocolate chip cookies which were on special at Woolies, don't you just love it when you want to buy something and it's on special ..I do...Gives me a quick buzz ! We had ice cream at home ..so how easy is that get a biscuit top with a scoop of good quality ice cream put another biscuit on top..I brought four packets of chocolate chip cookies and I will make a big batch for when Jack has his friends over on the school holidays for play dates...And Kev loves them too ...Him and Jack a huge ice cream fans...I don't eat ice cream ..! So I hope you give them a try and hope that gives others who make them also a gentle reminder to make them again ! You could use any type of biscuit without a filling in the centre  chocolate ripple I also use... Also no cooking involved which is another great thing over the warmer months of the year !  I store them in a plastic container with lid in the freezer of course !


  1. Yum! I don't eat ice cream either Sherrie. You could substitute the ice cream filling for banana ice cream. Freeze a couple of sliced bananas for a few hours, blend and eat as desired.

  2. Hi Maria ,yes that's a great idea too !
    But as I don't eat wheat I wouldn't eat them anyway unless I made gluten free ones and then I wouldn't be bothered personally.

  3. Yes it looks yummy

  4. Thanks Sherrie for reminding me of a simple pleasure that I use to enjoy when I was a child, which was many moons ago lol. My mother use to do this as a treat.

    I am going to make sure I bake some cookies tomorrow to have on hand for the grand kiddies and us big kiddies too :)

    Love Lizardman's idea with the bananas, will be using that hint.