Monday, December 6, 2010

Aprons ! So Easy To Make Your Own !

Aprons are so easy to make for yourself or great to make for gifts for family and friends !
Aprons are so handy to use while preparing food as they save your clothes from being ruined from stains from foods like beetroot if you are making a beetroot dip and other food spills in the kitchen.
You only need a metre of fabric to make a great apron . You can make it fancy or plain add pockets
or you can make ruffles around the edges. They can be great with a big pocket on the front which can also be worn when fruit or vegetable harvesting eg pick apples and put in the pocket to be taken inside to make an apple pie or cake ! I don't have an apple tree but it does sound nice. I pick lemons to take inside to make lemon cordial and home made ginger beer and home made salad dressing ! After writing this blog I'm going to cut out and sew a big pocket on the front of my apron ! Look for fabrics when they are on sale, makes the aprons even cheaper. My apron in the photo was made using  fabric that cost me $3.50 a metre and 100 % cotton so will wash well ! Happy sewing every one !


  1. Smaller matching ones for lil girls who love to help mum/nana bake would be lovely also :]

  2. Hi Kimmie, yes little aprons look cute... I have made a few for presents for little children that are friends of ours...When I make them again I will post them on blog...I've always wanted to make one for my son but he says he won't wear it ...Boys ...I usually personalise them with the child's name embroidered on the front...which I think children love having their name on things ...

  3. I love aprons, which is surprising since I grew up with a mother who was not domestically inclined at all. The frillier and girly-er the better I say. Spotlight currently has a big clearance on fabric, especially Christmas prints, so there's another incentive to do more sewing.