Monday, November 8, 2010

Soap In Little Fabric Bags !

Soap in Bags !
These make lovely gifts for family and friends for Christmas or birthdays ! I made these last year to give at Christmas time and I forgot about them in my cupboard . I brought some natural lavender soap and made little bags with a draw string, they could be hung in cupboards to make them smell nice or could be used like the soap on ropes just hang the draw string over the tap in the shower. Another great way of using up scraps of fabrics left over from other sewing projects.


  1. oh wow!!!

    I gotta get me a sewing machine again.......

  2. love this idea. Bought in bulk, I keep all my soaps in their own little boxes, opened, in a cabinet in the bathroom. And all this time they could have been making my closets smell nice!