Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pillow Cases !So Easy To Make !

Pillow Cases they are so easy why not make Your Own !
I haven't brought pillow cases for years other then when they come with sheet sets. I only use white sheets on my bed so some times its nice to add a little extra colour by making pillow cases in some pretty cotton fabrics. It depends on the fabric length, if its 150cm wide you can get two pillow cases from one metre of fabric if its 112cm wide fabric you will need 1.5 metres of fabric. If you get the fabric on sale like a few dollars a metre you can make a pair of pillow cases for as little as $1.50 each. They are so easy to make if you haven't ever made a pillow case get one that you already have fold inside out and follow how it's made.


  1. These are so sweet Sherrie and you're right shop bought pillowcases are so expensive, I've seen some at £20 EACH:( yikes

    pamela x

  2. very nice.. always nice to have some pretty fabrics for the covers too

  3. It is nice to have pillow cases that are cute and cool. Bamboo cotton fabric would be perfect to use to have soft, antibacterial and allergen free pillow cases. I can’t wait to have it now.

  4. I like white sheets. But, my haircolor ruins white pillowcases. Extra pillowcases in colors that won't show the slight stain are nice. Using old sheets to make new pillowcases would be really cheap. I am parsimonious!