Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Make Your Own Fresh Nut Butters !

Nut Butters !
The other day I made macadamia butter from fresh cracked macadamia nuts , then I made brazil nut butter and today I made almond butter ! All are delicious and very easy to make ! Just put nuts into processor and process until a spreadable consistency is achieved . The macadamia one that was made from fresh nuts didn't get really creamy as it has less oil in the nuts then when you use the ones you buy already shelled. You could add a little bit of another oil if you like , the brazil nut butter was made using nuts purchased already shelled , that was really quick to make . The almond butter was from organic shelled nuts I added a little coconut oil just to get it to a spreadable consistency. The one you purchase in the shops from melrose are made from roasted nuts, raw nuts are much more healthy for you, they are more acidic once they are heated .The brazil one I have been using it to dip apple pieces in really yummy the macadamia one tastes great with celery, also I make a garlic dip/sauce using macadamia nut butter a clove of garlic and a little filtered water and a little celtic salt its really delicious ! So many ways to use them I love having a spoonful with a fresh peach ! When we have guests for dinner, for dessert I get peaches cut them in half remove stone put a spoon of macadamia butter and pour over fresh raspberry sauce ! A great way to get extra protein, vitamins and minerals in your diet !Many years ago when my 2 eldest sons were little I used to make my own peanut butter. You can use just about any nuts to make nut butters I hope you give them a try, you could mix them with honey and cocoa or carob powder !

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