Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fairy Bread ! For Jack To Share With His Class !

Fairy Bread !
Tomorrow is my son Jacks 8th Birthday, So because its their faction sports carnival tomorrow
he took his plate of fairy bread to share with his class today. When he said he would like to take fairy bread I thought that's great that's a lot easier and quicker then making 24 cupcakes !It's made with wholemeal bread ,Jack has never eaten white bread ok in saying that he may have eaten it at a party not at home I refuse to buy white bread ,so glad he has never asked.When my middle son was in his teens he always said why can't we have white bread and why do we have to always eat healthy food .  Any way that's another story ! back to the fairy bread and I use real butter , I never buy margarine haven't for many years now. I used to buy nuttelex margarine as my son couldn't tolerate dairy in his diet, and of course 100's &1000's not healthy with all those nasty colours but hey a little bit won't hurt from time to time ! I know you can buy them with natural colours now but Jack has a friend who has a severe peanut allergy and they are the only ones made in a peanut free factory !

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  1. yum,love fairy bread! not just for the kiddies!! we buy nutellex too. you can get the natural coloured 100's and 1000's now too :)

    mumof3 (Jen)