Monday, August 9, 2010

Gum Leaves ! (A great decongestive)

Gum Leaves !
( A great De congestive )
If you have the flu and feel all stuffed up !
This could be very helpful for helping to clear up all the congestion. Does every one remember years ago when we had colds and our mum would put Vick's in a bowl with boiling water and we put our heads over the bowl with a towel over our heads to keep the steam and heat locked in and took deep breathes to help clear all the mucus lodged in our head,nose and chest . Well this is a really healthy alternative as I wouldn't use Vick's as it's petroleum based . Use gum leaves (full of eucalyptus oil ) they are free grab a big handful pour boiling water over them in pot on stove and stand over it and breath in the steam and vapors it really unblocks and clears all the sinuses. You may need to put the hot plate on to get it boiling to create more steam !I did it the other day and it really cleared my nasal passages and gave myself a facial cleanse at the same time ! really worth trying !


  1. hmmmmmmmm tried this tonight,, just for the smell

    very very nice

  2. I love this hint Sherrie! I boiled some leaves to help my daughter with a stuffy nose, and the unexpected side effect was the lovely scent that filled the air and took away the horrible smoky smell of the pot I burnt whilst cooking lentils the night before. :-( I thought we'd be living with that smell for a long time (was really bad!) but it seems that the gum leaves literally took it away. It didn't just mask the smell because when the scent from the leaves disappeared, so did the smoky smell!

    When I took the leaves off the heat, I wondered about using the liquid for cleaning - I cleaned my stove top and the mirror behind it using some of the gum water and a microfibre cloth. Came up beautifully.

    Then I thought about my horrible blackened pot and poured the rest of the water and leaves into it and let it soak. Not sure if it helped remove the black or not, but it took less effort then I expected to get it clean!

    I'll be bringing in the leaves from our gum regularly now!