Saturday, July 31, 2010

Freezing Lemon Juice & Lemon Zest !

Freezing Lemon Juice & Lemon Zest.    
If you are like me and some times have a basket full of lemons and then find a few have gone mouldy,because you hadn't got around to using them as yet.That is such a waste! Freezing them will prevent this happening in the future. So when lemons are in season and plentiful, I recommend zesting and juicing them .Then you can put them in a plastic bag or container and pop into the freezer,then when you need lemon juice or zest you will have your own supply in the freezer. Great to use for salad dressings , hot lemon and honey drinks, zest is great for biscuits and cakes. So many uses!



  1. Hi Sherrie
    Just discovered your blog and I love it and have put it in my favourites. I came from Simple Savings.

    So far, I am planning to freeze parsley, lemon juice and zest, make my own envelopes, make newspaper gift bags and wear my glasses when
    chopping onions!

    I shall check your your blog regularly, well done, it's great!

    Janetta (NZ)

    It's difficult to comment, I don't have a profile like it asks, maybe this is why you don't have many comments. Anyway it seems to accept Anonymous!

  2. Hi Sherrie, it's Kay Coole from Simplesavings - Also freeze your lemon skins - either pre chopped or in quarters to make my delicious lemon peel chutney - one of the new hints of Simplesavings this month - cheers - love your blog xoxo kc