Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wheat packs

On Sunday late afternoon I made 2 wheat packs !
I used calico fabric and added 1&1/2 kilograms of wheat in each one with a few handfuls of dried lavender. I will make covers for them , like little pillow cases that can be taken off and washed.
I made them larger then others I have seen for sale, mine are 26cmx34cm. I like the idea that you can remove cover and wash it. I've never seen them for sale with removable covers. If you ever purchase them you could sew a small pillow case cover for it to save getting it dirty .
When I make the covers I will take a photo and post it so you can see them and if anyone needs instructions to make them I will also post . They make great gifts especially this time of the year, well really any time they are great also for aches and pains .


  1. Great idea Sherrie.

    If you have time could you please post how to make these up and also what sort of wheat you use.
    Many thanks, enjoying your blog.

  2. Hi Anonymous they are very easy to make you can make what size you like then cut material the desired size put both pieces together and sew around the three sides then turn the right way three quarter fill with wheat I buy it from a company online its very cheap. three quarter fill the bag and sew up the end you can put a hand full of dried lavender makes it smell nice! its finished ! you can use pearl barley or rice if you cannot find the wheat ! I hope that makes sense ! cheers :)
    Happy sewing :)