Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hemming Jeans...............So they don't look like they've been hemmed !

Hemming Jeans-So they don't look like they've been hemmed !
 A few months back Kev bought himself some new jeans, well 5 pairs to be exact, well he bought 3 pairs and as they were such a good price, I said why don't you buy 2 more pairs which he did...and they look really good on him, they make his butt look sexy too...I know he gets my latest blog posts in his email, so I know if he reads them and see if he comments on his butt looking sexy in the jeans I have told him but not every any one else...well not until
So that will teach me, I had 5 pairs of jeans to hem ...Kev is such a shortie.. nearly all his jeans need hemming...I'm such a lucky
I did a google on hemming jeans, I new the look I wanted but couldn't find anything ..the only ones I found were if they were only a little bit to long but as you can see in the above photo, they are way way to long so a little tuck wasn't going to be an option with these jeans ...I'm still chuffed with myself every time he wears them and having 5 pairs and its winter here in Oz..I'm chuffed most days, so that cheers me up ...
Tip number one always wash your jeans first as they will often shrink especially if 100% cotton...and these are... nothing worse then jeans half way up your leg, "slight exaggeration" but  not a good look...hehehe
The photo below is how I cut them before sewing ...
 first I got Kev to put them on so I could measure and pin where they needed to be cut...
remember the saying  "measure twice cut once" ... 
Then all you need to do is take out the middle piece and join the original hemmed bottom piece to the jeans...that sounds easy doesn't it ...and believe me it really you put right sides together and join them as close to original stitching of the original in the photo below...
so you need to sew as close to the original edge as you can and you can neaten the edge with a zig zag stitch..I don't recommend using your over-locker for this job as the seams are way to thick and you will probably end up with a few broken sewing needles...take it from me ..that's what I'll be 
zig zaging them all in future..

This is how it will look can you see the sewing really close to the inner edge..and this pair I used the zig zag  the more broken sewing needles they cost to much to replace..

Here is the finished hem no need to iron just finger press them flat how easy was that ..really really easy ...happy hemming every one ...


  1. This is one of the most useful tips I have ever seen Sherrie. Hubby has been wearing Jeans with the hems rolled up so I have just added this job to my do do list. Marion

  2. Hi Marion..Thanks for posting ..I love reading lovely comments... they look great don't they ...before now I just used to cut them off and hem them trying to create the same look as new by using the same thick coloured thread they use...but never looked as good ..but now all his jeans will look like they have come straight from the shop...I'm so chuffed ..I have never needed to hem my jeans as they are always the right length for me ...but if I do I'll know how to do them now...:) big smile...I bought a pair of pants the other day from second hand shop and they were too short but I could see a reasonable hem on them so thought I'll just take the hem down, which I did but thinking they are still a little bit short,they only cost me $ they could end up shorts .. but I have a few ideas..I'll share with all my readers shortly ...

  3. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing ;-)

  4. Wow Sherrie, that's actually a really helpful hint. I too have tried various methods of hemming jeans but they've never looked quite right.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you for sharing your post! I always have to take my jeans to get altered. Now I know it's so simple that I can do them by myself. :)

  6. Muchas gracias por compartir este truco tan estupendo. Me parece una idea fantástica ! Best regards from Spain.