Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Making oven mitts from recycling a fabric rice bag !

I love recycling ..finding a use for things so many others just toss in the bin..
After finishing all the rice in this fabric bag I decided to use it and make oven mitts..
Boy oven mitts are so handy in the kitchen... I use mine just about daily ..to remove my bread from bread maker to getting things out of the oven..The print is on both sides of the bag so will make two sets..Thinking there would be plenty of tutorials on the net ..but I guess one more wont hurt.. These would also make great Christmas gifts ..Still working on the tutorial ..hope to have it up in the next few days..


  1. Great Idea! Looking forward your tutorial! You are right, one more won't hurt ;)

  2. Love your oven mitts. Just like you, I can't bear to throw anything that I can recycle out so I reconstructed 2 of the same rice bags and made a shopping bag. I get comments every time I use it for my groceries.