Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Healthy Snack-Pop Corn !

 A Quick, Easy, Healthy, Tasty Snack !
Want to make something tasty to snack on while watching a good movie or any time really ..
I made a few big bowls of pop corn today and it went down a treat with every one..
I popped my corn in a pop corn maker but of course if you don't have one you can use a pot on the stove top..Then I added a good grinding of Hymalayan pink salt, which is full of minerals and tastes great on just about everything..and about a tablespoon or two of extra virgin coconut oil. This weather you may need to pop your coconut oil into some warm water so it can be poured over your popped corn, give it a good toss and eat& enjoy...Extra virgin coconut oil is fabulous for a good healthy brain ...Among so many other things..just google how good coconut oil is for you and you'll be totally amazed..that's why I always make sure our pantry is well stocked with a few jars at all times...

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