Thursday, November 13, 2014

Re-Use Milk Cartons To Make Ice Bricks ! To Keep Your Food Cold !

Reduce,Re-use, Recycle !
We use UHT Long life milk and I'm always thinking how I can reuse the containers !
Here is another great recycling idea..When you have finished the milk, give the carton a good rinse out and refill with water, leave an inch at the top allow for expansion when water freezes...Then pop them into your freezer and you'll have plenty of ice bricks to use when you and your family go on picnics, BBQ's etc..
These are also great to use when you go shopping and buy frozen foods to keep them cold on your way home in a cooler bag..Also in the hot weather you'll have plenty of water, when you're out .. if you are thirsty and also if you need any water for clean ups..These are also great to store in your freezer, as a freezer uses more electricity if its empty ...I'm always rethinking how to recycle and re-use things..Has any one got any other ideas of reusing these milk cartons..You could cut the tops off and use them to grow seedlings ..I've also used them to make gift tags..if you do please share..


  1. What a great idea, Sherrie. They stack so well and as you say they are great to take to take shopping on a hot day.