Saturday, July 12, 2014

Acrostic Cushions ! Birthday Gifts I Made !

This is an acrostic cushion I made for a birthday gift for a sweet 12 year old girl ...
It all started when I started sewing lots of fabric scraps together and I made some lovely zipper cases with them and gave them for gifts too...So after doing that I had another great idea ...I'll join some other pieces of fabrics together and make cushions, then I decided to make them even more personal and add their name and turn it into an acrostic cushion...So I joined the fabric strips together in a log cabin and in the middle I embroidered their name ...I quilted it onto a piece of cotton batting  then I lined that was the front completed ...Then I made the backing from some more of one of the fabrics on the front to match...
Here is the completed front before joining it to the back..
The finished cushion measures 16 inch square or 40.5 cm square...
To make the backing I cut two pieces of fabric 16 inches by 13 &1/2 inches  or metric 40 cm x 34.5 cm. Then I hemmed both of the longest sides, the two pieces for the back overlap each other so the cushion fits snugly inside...
Its a good idea to pin backing in place before sewing. 

 This is how the back looks when its completed. 
I also made the cushion inserts as well, by sewing together some bamboo batting and filling with pillow filling.. I have also made another one with the name Genevieve for Samantha's younger sister for her birthday but its not until next year ..So I have it packed away until then...Here are both of the completed cushions I think they are really sweet, I was very happy with how they turned out ...
I'd love to hear what you all think..Aren't they sweet ..thinking they will look lovely on the girls beds or maybe on a chair in their rooms..
A great way to use up all those gorgeous fabric scraps which are way to precious to waste... 


  1. Thank you sweet Kimmie <3 I'm so thrilled with how they turned out ...

  2. Gosh that's clever. Looks good too.


  3. Oh that's beautiful! What a talent you have for sewing Sherrie,I just pinned it to my 'sewing' board on pinterest.Not that I am a sewer myself,but so admire those who can create such lovely things :-)

    1. Thanks Ann that's very sweet of you to say ..I'm grinning from ear to ear so lovely getting lovely feedback from you and and the other lovely ladies..When my mother was here last I was showing her what I had made and not one comment from her to say they were even nice ..she just said ah, which I felt very disappointed with but really after 50 + years I should be used to it by now one would think..but it still hurts a little I've decided not to show her anything I make in future...safer that way all your comments really cheer me up and warm my a big thank you again..

  4. Such a sweet gift idea. This is a perfect gift for girls.