Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shabby Chic Fabric Mirror !

Here is my shabby chic fabric mirror !
I have made quiet a few now, Most of my friends have one that I have made for them and given them as birthday presents  over the years!This one is on my bedroom wall and made from white cotton fabric and 100 % cotton lace. Some of the others I have made using cream calico fabric and 100 % cotton lace and a rose for decoration ! They are very easy to make !
I made another one so I could do a tutorial to show you all how to make one ! Lovely for any girl for her bedroom.

Step 1.
You will need a mirror the one I'm using is height 11 inches or 28 cm and width 7 & 3/4 inches or 19.5 cm . When I brought these mirrors they were wrapped in plastic wrap and on an oval piece of cardboard which I use in the next step .

Step 2 
Trace around the mirror with a pencil with a
border of just under 1&1/5 inches or 3cm.
Then cut it out.

 Step 3.
Measure around the mirror double it and cut a white strip of cotton fabric 2&3/4 inches 7.5cm then fold it in half and sew one side then turn out the right side I always use a chop stick to turn fabrics strips the right side. I know there is a gaget you can make to turn fabrics I will one day ! 

Step 4.
Thread the tube of white fabric that you have just made over the cut out oval and ruffle it up evenly around the ova.l 

Step 5. 
Then you will need to join the cut part with either a few stapples or sticky tape. Then pull the ends of fabric the join add a drop of glue it stitch it in place .

Step 6.
Now measure around the outer edge of ruffle and either sew or stitch lace on. I used lace that was already gathered. I stitched it to the inside edge .

Step 7.
This is the finished front with the lace either sewn or stitched
on .

Step 8.
Cut a piece of cardboard for the back of the mirror
the same size as the piece you began with about 3cm bigger all around then the mirror.

Step 9.
You will need to cut a piece of white fabric a bit bigger then the back piece of cardboard and also measure the centre and put two holes and thread through the piece of wire that you will need to hang the mirror up . I used a piece of white plastic coated wire that are used for twisted ties. and twist it a few times on the back to make it secure .

Step 10.
I used a glue gun but you could use any good glue
to cover the piece of cardboard with the white fabric.

                                                                                     Step 11.
This is the back to see the wire how it is placed you will also need to poke two holes in the fabric .

Step 12. 
Now cut another strip of white fabric, measure around the outside of backing cardboard and double it and cut that length by 3 &1/8 inches or 8cm wide. You will need to sew the ends together then fold right way with seam inside then gather around the edge so it will fit the cardboard back then glue onto the wrong side of the covered cardboard back .

Step 13.
This is how it will look from the back once it is glued into position .Next step is to glue the mirror in and glue the front cover on .

Step 14. 
After gluing the mirror in and the front on next is to
glue on the trimming braid to give it a nice finished edge. I have also made them using little strings of cream pearl beads in place of braid trim.

Step15.                                                                Now you will need to stick your rose on the lower side like in photo . I used a white paper rose brought from a craft shop you could also use a dried rose which I have also used in the past. I hope you found my Shabby Chic Mirror tutorial easy to follow if you have any questions please feel free to post and ask me I will be happy to help in any way that I can . 


  1. Oh, Sherrie, that mirror is really so very, very pretty. You clever girl!

  2. I just adore that Sherrie...you clever, clever lady!

  3. Looks good Sherrie thanks for that

  4. Such a great way of making a designer frame for mirror.........

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  6. Romantic mirror! I made one like yours!

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  8. How Wonderful, thanks for sharing this great tutorial

  9. This is very unique..how smart..thanks for sharing tutorial..

  10. Your mirror is lovely, and what a nice tutorial! I'd love to make one of these for my "new" Paris/Shabby Chic bathroom. Bookmarking this page to come back to someday!

  11. So cute! Thanks for sharing at Make Something Mondays!

    ~ Sarah

  12. Sherrie...
    Gorgeous mirror!
    I'll try to make it!!!
    Thanks for sharing

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